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The Finishing Touch
- After roasting the coffee beans are ground in a coffee mill. A rolling mill consists of several groups of cylinders placed on top of each other, the beans are fed between two cylinders, which turn in opposite directions. Each group grinds the beans more finely until the required grind size is reached.

Coffee in the Beginning - Until the middle of the 19th century coffee roasting was carried out by the individual coffee houses & was often done at home. Therefore there was no real demand for pre-packed coffee, however when large scale commercial roasting was introduced this changed.

Prepacked Coffee - The main benefit of the introduction of commercial roasting was that through packaging, the freshness of the coffee could be preserved for longer.

Douwe Egberts vacuum packs thier coffees to ensure they are in optimum condition when they reach your home. The roast & ground coffee is very delicate & the quality & flavour can deteriorate when it comes into contact with oxygen.

Quality Guarantee - On each pack of Douwe Egberts coffee you will find the guarantee for constant quality, along with the Douwe Egberts seal & signature. These are your assurance of our constant quality & high standards.

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